I’m terrible with money.

I have ‘La Mer’ tastes and a ‘Suave’ budget.  Those who have shopped with me know that this is not always intentional.  I can walk into a store like TJ Maxx and I have this super power where I can pick out, without looking at labels, the $129 handbag instead of the $29 one I can afford.  It’s a gift.

I’m often flabbergasted at how I can get paid on Monday and be totally broke by Tuesday, forcing me to furiously search for loose change in my car so that I can feed my caffeine addiction.

I have many addictions, apart from coffee, that continuously drain me of funds.  Food addictions, notebook addictions, pen addictions, make-up addictions.  I’m addicted to addictions.  I need help.  I need an intervention.

Recently after having a conversation about the possibility  and logistics of panhandling for spending money, a dear friend of mine emailed me a simple Excel spreadsheet to help with my financial follies.  After a week of strictly adhering to my new budget, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw real cash monies inside of my wallet- on a Sunday night no less!

I was hooked!  Managing my finances was now attainable.  I found this great little app called Pocket Expense that helps me track my expenses quickly and easily right on my phone.  I love it.  Thanks to my intervention, I was saved.

Now that my budget is under control, I find that I’m more confident and I have more brain power to channel into the more positive things in my life.  All this positive energy has now become, for lack of a better word… an addiction.

If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free; if our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.”  – Edmund Burke


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