The Library Diaries

I love the public library.  There are books, movies, CD’s, magazines, newspapers…but best of all, there are people. Quiet people.

I am fortunate to have a library near my office.  Sometimes, after a particularly noisy morning (like today), I head on over to the library and I just sit in silence.  Many times I skip any reading or writing that I need to do and I just sit there, taking in that used book smell. Then I partake of one of my most favorite indulgences…people watching.

I observe the lady in the canary yellow pants as she tilts her head, trying to read the titles of the books.  I watch the people on the computers.  I can see that one gentleman is filling out an application.  Is it for a job?  What kind of job is he looking for?  I try to eavesdrop on the two women adjacent to me but they are whispering (duh, it’s the library).  One of them has a look of disgust on her face.  Drama!  One guy plays with his beard as he reads.  He is totally enthralled by whatever he is reading.  I’m curious and wonder if I would like it as much as he does.  One barbarian sneezes into the open air (gross!). Thank goodness he is far away from me.

Am I a voyeur? Absolutely (in the non sexual way of course).  I won’t deny it.  Some people like to go to the zoo and watch animals play, I like to go to public places with my sunglasses on and watch people go about their day.  If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend you experience at least once.

I look at my watch and realize that I have to get back to the office (boooo!).  As I’m gathering my things, I spot her.  Another voyeur.  She has undoubtedly been watching me write in my notebook with my blue highlighter (not one pen in my purse, not ONE!) and seen me give sneezy over there the evil eye.  I get up to leave and as I am just about to walk past her, I give her a knowing nod.  She reciprocates.

It’s going to be a good day.


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